Are you interested in obtaining a new revenue stream but not sure where to start? Or maybe you already know Amazon is a great place to start an online business, but you are stuck on what the first steps are. You don’t have a website of your own, but are aware there are other ways to get stuck in. Well, fear not! You’re in just the right place. In this article, we take you through the Amazon Affiliate Program, and how you can be part of it even without running your own website. It’s time to make money from Amazon! Let’s get started.

What is an Amazon Affiliate?

First things first, what does being an Amazon Affiliate actually mean? Well, Amazon Affiliates are marketers who post Amazon product links to their online platforms (blogs, instagram, facebook, YouTube or website etc) with the intention that customers will click on those links and purchase from there. If a customer does buy from one of those links, the affiliate receives a profit.

Affiliates are able to generate a unique URL for Amazon products they want to share, so that they are able to track how many sales come from that link. It’s a great way for people with an online presence to increase their earning potential. 

The commission for the products vary by category, and usually range between 1-10%.

Ways to Earn on Amazon Affiliate Program Without Website


Ebooks have gained popularity over the last decade, largely thanks to the invention of Kindles and iPads. As an Amazon affiliate without a website, you could really cash in if you put in the work to create your own Ebook.
You may be thinking – what on earth do I write an Ebook about? Well, we’d suggest writing an Ebook based around your advertising niche so that you can include product reviews within the book. A good place to start would be to create a How-To guide where you can add in affiliate product links. Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say I am an Amazon affiliate that mostly advertises beauty items. I could create an Ebook titled ‘How to get silky smooth skin’. Within the guide, I will recommend products that will give readers a direct link to purchase those Amazon products. 

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YouTube is a great platform for any Amazon Affiliate to make money on without needing a website. There are two routes you can go down with YouTube. 

The first is that you create a channel that is focused solely on product reviews. With this route, you should create videos that are centered on one product per video. We would suggest that you include a few personal videos on your channel every now and again to keep the channel looking authentic. 

When creating video product reviews, make sure you go into detail about the product pros and cons and always leave the product link in an easy-to-find location so users don’t have to search for ages. Take advantage of tags as well as keywords in the description and video title to maximize traffic. 

The second path you could take would be to build your own personal brand on YouTube via weekly vlogs, shopping hauls, Q&As and more. Within these videos, you can include recommendations to products that you use in your daily life. 

You should really try to stick to a regular posting schedule as well, as consistency is key when it comes to content creation and affiliate marketing. Your channel needs to be one people will want to subscribe to.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is the latest craze in the social media space and it is safe to say it is taking the world by storm. Users of the platform spend hours a day scrolling through their feed, which is music to the ears of influencers and digital marketers alike. And now, Amazon affiliates can take advantage of its popularity as well. 

The average audience on Tik Tok ranges from ages 16-30, so when it comes to what products you can promote on the platform, you must keep this age range in mind. In most cases, the products that work well on Tik Tok will include fashion, beauty, health and fitness, lifestyle products and electronics. Ask yourself, ‘what does this generation spend their disposable income on?’. 

Currently the most effective way to utilize Tik Tok as an Amazon affiliate is to create videos recommending particular products and then telling viewers that these products are ‘linked on my Amazon Storefront, find the link in my bio’. This will encourage viewers who are interested in purchasing your recommendations to click your unique link and buy from there. In turn, you earn money for the sale! Keep in mind you must have a business profile in order to leave a link in your bio. A top tip for Tik Tok is to use keywords in your video caption and take advantage of hashtags! Tik Tok

Screenshot from Darcy McQueeny Tik Tok 

If you want to leave links to more than one platform within your bio, we suggest using the free app LinkTree. LinkTree enables you to create one URL for multiple online locations. 

Online Forums

Although this is the route less traveled, online forums are actually a really great way of monetizing your recommendations. When we say online forums, we are talking mainly about sites such as Reddit and Quora. You may be thinking, ‘what can I gain from posting my links on online forums?’. Well, you would actually be pretty surprised!

These forums are the go-to platform for thousands of people who have a query about really anything! Your job would be to search the forums for questions people have asked that relate to a product you may be advertising. 

For example, let’s go back to the example that I am an affiliate who focuses heavily on beauty products. I could search Quora for questions relating to ‘how to get rid of my acne’ or ‘does anyone know how I can make my nails grow?’. Within that thread, I could comment about how great a nail growth product I have used has worked, and leave the link to the product. Not only will the person who asked the question likely be interested in purchasing, so will others who have the same query.

Guest Post 

As an Amazon affiliate without a website, using guest posts may be a great solution for you. Guest posting is when you reach out to other bloggers in the industry and ask if they would allow you to publish your work on their sites. The benefit here is that you can include your affiliate links within these articles and they will gain traffic and engagement from that site’s readers. 

Email Marketing 

Email Marketing can be an extremely lucrative tool within digital marketing, and it’s one you really should consider getting involved with. Especially if you are an Amazon affiliate without a website. However, of course, you will need an audience to send your emails too. So where do you start with creating your own email list? We have several suggestions:

  1. Create a landing page where you can encourage people to leave their email addresses to be notified about your latest social media post, YouTube video, article or more
  2. Create a lead magnet that will encourage people to sign up to your email list before purchasing your ebook, for example
  3. Add your email address to all your social media platform bios
  4. Run offers and tell users they will receive the offer via email

Once you have developed a decent sized list, you can begin emailing them with updates, new product reviews and more. However, make sure you don’t start sending emails everyday – no one likes to be spammed! 

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Facebook used to be the main player in the world of social media, but with the introduction of new platforms over the years, Facebook has faded further into the background. That’s not to say it won’t work for Amazon affiliates who don’t have a website, but it probably isn’t the first platform we’d suggest. 

However, if you have a good audience on Facebook then you could be very successful. There are a few ways to advertise on Facebook which include posting your links within Facebook groups (whether you own the group or are just a member), or on your profile for friends of yours to see.


Making use of Instagram stories is a really lucrative way to advertise your product links. But again, only as long as you have a relevant audience. Make use of using Instagram stories linking feature where you can post your unique link alongside a video or image of you using the product. Instagram

Screenshot from Taayblue instagram stories


For Amazon associates without a website, Twitter may be a potential platform to utilize. Advertising links on twitter is really easy – simply tweet the link via a hyperlink and you’re done! Of course, you will need to have built an online community of followers relevant to your niche. 


Pinterest is a diverse platform which Amazon affiliates have been using for years. The first thing you will need is to ensure you have a profile of pins that reflect what you are recommending. This creates authenticity and will help to build trust within your audience. When it comes to monetizing on Pinterest, simply create a link (via Amazon associates or within Pinterest itself), add the product image and a description, and post! Remember to include keywords and search terms. 


Text message and multimedia messaging seem totally old school right! But don’t skip this section, it may surprise you! SMS and MMS are two less used but definitely underrated tools for Amazon affiliate marketing. The open rates of SMS and MMS are one of the highest when you compare the statistics to that of email marketing for example. If you have a solid list of contacts, sending them a well thought out message with affiliate links is definitely something you could earn a commission for. 

How to sign up amazon affiliate without website

The program is designed to attract members who have already created some kind of online platform. Many affiliates run a website or a blog where they post products for their readers, which may make many others question, 

“Can I join the Amazon Affiliate program without a website?” The simple answer is yes! There are many other ways in which you are able to be a successful Amazon affiliate – such as by utilizing social media and forums. We will go into more detail about that later. Here’s how to make amazon affiliate account without a website:

Even without running a website or blog, signing up to the affiliate program is really simple. Head over to the Amazon Affiliate homepage and click on the Sign Up button, as shown in the image below.How to sign up amazon affiliate without website

You must already have access to a regular Amazon account, so create one if you haven’t already. Make sure you are logged in and then continue. 

During the signup process, you will be asked for information on where you will be posting your links, for example on your social media channels. You’ll be prompted to give details about who your audience are, and what type of products you will be advertising. 

Other information you will be asked to provide will include tax information, address and some other personal details. Once you have completed all the steps, you will be ready to get started!

What should I start with?

So, now what? Your profile is set up but unfortunately, that is just the easy part. Now comes the real work! There is one very important step you should take before you think about doing anything else. This step is deciding on a niche that you want to be your primary focus. The best way to build a successful affiliate website is to focus on one or two particular types of products, rather than sporadically recommending tons of random products. 

Start With Niche Research!

Research, research, research is your best friend before you settle on what you want to advertise. It’s really important to pick a niche that will benefit you the most. We would definitely recommend a niche that you have an interest in. 

You are much more likely to put in the work required when you enjoy what you do, but you need to make sure that product category is actually going to be one that reaps the rewards. 

But how do you choose a category that will reap rewards? Each category on Amazon offers varied commission rates. For example, it probably is not worth putting much energy into advertising video game consoles and physical video games because you will make just 1% commission on these. 

However, Amazon games as a category offers a huge 20% commission which makes it the highest paying category in the program. Luxury beauty generally offers a decent rate as well, whilst home and home improvement products hoover at around 3%. Start With Niche Research

You also need to make sure the category you choose is one that people are actually searching for. Take advantage of tools such as Google Keyword Planner, KeywordTool and Aherfs to find out what SEO terms have a high search volume. It’s also important to look at the CPC (cost per click) that advertisers usually pay for that search term. It needs to be pretty low in order for you to be profitable! Start With Niche Research1

It is also a wise move to search for product reviews on YouTube to check out the competition and also the demand. If the product has at least a few reviews there already, that is a good sign. Simply type in the product name + review to search.Start With Niche Research2Start With Niche Research3

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Some important tips

Some last minute tips include: 

  • Pay special attention to keyword research: Keywords and key search terms will be your best friend when you do affiliate marketing. You must make sure you are including relevant keywords in each description, caption or bio in order to attract your ideal audience. Only then will you earn your commission. 
  • Tips for choosing products to review: Firstly, make sure you are choosing products that you are interested in and secondly, carry out research for which products will be ones that offer a decent commission percentage and are in demand. 

Common Mistakes

  1. Not using correct links

Having your links not contain your affiliate tag, link to unavailable or low quality products is a sure way to decrease the earning potential of anything you do with these links! Make sure to use AMZ Watcher Link Generator to create links that work. 

On top of that, if you want to make sure that the products that you link out to do not go unavailable, try out AMZ Watcher Affiliate Link Checker to check and fix those links en masse.

  1. Spamming

When you first start as an affiliate, you may feel the desire to post, post and post again. We highly recommend you refrain from this as you could be banned from certain platforms for doing so, or simply just annoy your audience too much.

  1. Don’t Rush

Slow and steady wins the race with affiliate marketing. It’s important to remember that this type of marketing you are involved in is not an overnight success. Take your time to do your research and build your platforms.


Overall, it’s totally viable to join the Amazon affiliate program without running your own website. As we’ve discussed, there are tons of other platforms at your disposal that will allow you to become a successful affiliate marketer. 


How many followers do you need for an Amazon affiliate?

There is no specific number of followers needed for the affiliate program, but if you are planning to use social media to promote your links then a decent number of relevant followers certainly helps.

Can I post Amazon affiliate links on YouTube comments?

Yes you can. But, we also recommend including them in the video description.

Are affiliate links allowed on LinkedIn?

Yes! You can post them organically or within blogs you may write and post.

What is KDP?

KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing and it enables users to self-publish books and ebooks on its platform for free. You read it right – for free! The program also allows users to create a product listing for each book that is published within KDP so customers can purchase it from Amazon.

There is a variety of content that is allowed to be published via KDP which includes novels, ebooks, children’s books, journals, poetry, cookbooks, comics and textbooks.

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