Let’s discuss the best Amazon affiliate products to start your affiliate marketing journey on the right note.

In this guide, we share a list of what we consider the best Amazon products for affiliate marketing beginners. We’ll also show you how to find them and what to avoid to succeed in the industry.

A simple eight-step process is all it takes to identify lucrative opportunities on Amazon. Soon, you can take advantage of the platform’s new trends, deals, and discounts.

Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell

Our recommendations come from years of experience within the industry. Here are some of the more profitable niches and products you can work in:

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Niche Description

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the U.S. Because of this, it’s among the top-selling Amazon affiliate products. 

Within the niche, there are various products related to the beverage preparation process that you can promote to earn affiliate commissions.

For example, coffee machines, grinders, coffee beans, creamers, mugs, and gift packs.

Anything that improves coffee lovers’ experiences is an evergreen product that enthusiasts might enjoy. The trick is to connect all the products on your site over time logically. 

The best way to start, though, is to niche down and focus on one thing in particular. For example, create an affiliate site that builds a specific culture around preparing and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Product Examples and Average Product Price

Some examples of coffee makers include:

Good examples of coffee grinders include:

The average product price for:

Coffee makers are $19 to $2,149 and above.

Grinders are $19 to $255 and above.


These products fall under the kitchen category. You get a 4.5% commission for each purchase through your affiliate links. 

Using the examples of products above, your affiliate commission for the Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker will be $6.6. 

That is, 4.5% of 146.99 = 6.6146

Conversely, you’ll earn around $1 for the Mr. Coffee grinder. 

That is, 4.5% of 24.99 =1.125.

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A few well-known affiliate sites in this niche include:



3D Printers

Niche Description

3D printers are rising in popularity within the home, education, and business spaces. 

They provide a cost-effective way for manufacturers to create unique designs and promote product innovation. You can focus on promoting 3D printers for business, home use, or both. 

At a personal level, homeowners use 3D printers to save money by creating different household items like paper towel holders. This is also a perfect home business idea. 

Teaching 3D printing for home and business use through your affiliate site will help you get into the affiliate industry on a perfect footing. 

You’ll generate good affiliate income from the start while leaving room to expand into other areas within the technology niche.

Product Examples and Average Product Price

A few examples from Amazon include:

The average product price ranges from $143.29 to $1,999 and above.


3D printers are within all other categories of products on Amazon. You’ll earn about 4% of every sale. It’s less than the 4.5% commission in the coffee niche.

However, the prices of 3D products are high ($143 to $1,999) compared to coffee grinders ($19 to $255) or coffee makers ($19 to $799). You can earn more from selling a few low-priced 3D printers than selling low-priced coffee grinders or makers.

Say you sell the Mini 3D Printer for Kids, which goes for $143.29. You’ll earn $5.73 for every sale you make. 


The niche is still growing. So you won’t find many sites that focus solely on matters of 3D printing. However, several technology-based websites have the generic ‘Best of 3D printers’ posts. Some include:

Because the competition is relatively low in this niche, 3D printers are our best product for Amazon affiliate beginners.

Check out this site 3dbeginners.com. It explores the niche but focuses on one aspect. You can easily rank higher than this site on the SERPs with proper keyword research and high-quality content from different angles.

Virtual Reality

Niche Description

Virtual reality (VR) products are finding their way into the mainstream market as more people seek to add life to their viewing and gaming experiences.

Facebook’s rebranding to Meta has also seen the company promote VR technology, leading to a growing interest in virtual reality products among consumers.

The niche has a high potential for growth in the future as more companies invest in improving VR technology to respond to customers’ interests. 

Getting into the virtual reality world as a seller now will set you up to earn good affiliate income. 

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You can promote different virtual reality headsets or other VR products like full-motion flight simulators. Aim to help customers find the best products for their needs and budget. 

Product Examples and Average Product Price

Virtual reality products range from simple VR glasses with an average price of about $25.90 to more complex equipment fetching over $10,000.

Here are some examples of actual products on Amazon you can promote:


As you can see, high-quality virtual reality products have a high price. So you can make good money fast if you establish yourself as an expert in the niche. This is one of the main reasons it is among the best products for Amazon affiliate marketing.

For instance, getting a 4% commission on the BKGDO simulator equipment would earn you $417.11. That’s just one product. Selling three of these per month places you in the $1,000 monthly income category.


Most affiliate review websites that promote computers, fitness trackers, and other wireless smart devices have a few posts on virtual reality too. These include pcmag.com and tomsguide.com

We recommend starting a website focused on virtual reality technology, products, and uses to dive deep into the subject. If possible, include your experiences with the product or technology. 

People trust recommendations from those who can demonstrate their expertise through personal stories. 


Niche Description

Drones are a top-selling Amazon affiliate product. A quick search reveals over 2,000 results with high customer ratings of several brands.Drones

Like virtual reality, the drone market will expand in the coming years as people discover more uses for the product.

Other than recreation, drones are useful for professionals in various sectors, including:

  • Filmmakers
  • Land surveyors and mappers
  • First responders
  • Construction companies
  • Real estate marketers, and more.

Product Examples and Average Product Price

We’ve picked a few examples from the thousands of results we got:


If you promote the DEERC D20 toy drone as a popular gift for children, you’ll make around $2.28 whenever customers purchase the product. 

Combine this with other high-priced drones for different purposes like racing or capturing aerial videos, and you’ll be good to go.


There is a bit of competition in this niche, but it’s not as stiff as other areas, such as electronics. Here are three competitors we’ve found:

Study these sites to see what they’re doing well. Then, do it better. Also, look for any keyword gaps they might be missing out on. 

Doing this is called competitor analysis. It’s one of the most common ways of finding the best products to sell on Amazon affiliate sites.

How to Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell?

The list above is just a taster of what you can start promoting on your affiliate site. Finding the right products to promote is essential to your success as an Amazon affiliate marketer. 

Here are some steps to help you decide what to promote. Following these should take some of the overwhelm out of the decision-making process. 

Keep Your Expertise in Mind

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It’s best to keep your skills in mind and pick a niche and products that won’t frustrate you. Building an affiliate site takes effort, especially during the initial stages. 

If you select a niche you know nothing about and have no interest in learning, you’re likely to give up early. You can consider your hobbies at this niche ideation stage. Read our post on effective ways to find niche ideas to learn more about this.

Perform Niche Research

Once you have an idea of the niche you’d like to pursue, perform niche research to determine the viability of your concept. 

Proper research will help you understand how to make money from your idea. It should reveal the gap you’re looking to fill or the problem you’re seeking to solve with your affiliate business.

Say you want to promote products under the patio, lawn, and gardening category; niche research will help you find ways of doing this profitably. 

An excellent place to start would be keyword research.

Perform Keyword Research

When done right, keyword research will give you different perspectives or angles of approaching your main idea.

A quick search on Google about gardening, for instance, may reveal different questions like:

  • What is the best soil PH level for my potting mixes?
  • Why is well-drained soil essential for plant health?
  • How often should I water my indoor plants?

Using these questions, you can select an angle to focus on with your site.

You may also run each of these keywords through a keyword research tool to understand the size of your target audience. 

You’ll get an estimate of the number of people looking for the answers to each question and know where to start.

Analyze Your Competitors in Search Results

Enter your top keywords in Google and see which sites take the top positions. Click on the results to examine exactly what your competitors are doing well. 

Analyze points such as:

  • Length of their content
  • How good is their content?
  • Any stand-out features in the content?
  • Are they sharing on social media as well?

Once you have their secret sauce figured out, you what to do better in your affiliate content. 

Find Best Sellers

Amazon makes it easy to find the best-selling items in any niche by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your Amazon Account:How to Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell
  • Go to Best Sellers Button at the top and click.How to Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell1
  • Open a list of best-sellers in different categories.How to Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell2
  • Navigate to the right, then choose your niche under any department list.How to Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell3
  • Locate the list of the best-selling amazon affiliate products in your specific niche. How to Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell4
  • Go further and click any of the departments to choose specific products to promote on relevant posts. As an example, there are 12 mini-departments under the patio, lawn, and garden niche.

Each has several Amazon affiliate best-selling products you can promote. If you click the gardening option, you’ll find over 20 more departments to promote.How to Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell5

When you scroll down the list, you’ll notice other ways Amazon uses to alert you to new opportunities for you to make more money as an affiliate.How to Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products to Sell6

Uncover Trending Items

To find trending items in a specific category, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Associates central account.
  2. Go to the products link page.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and find the section labeled ‘link to the best-selling products by category.
  4. Use the drop-down menu ‘filter by’ to choose your category of interest, such as patio, lawn, and garden.
  5. You’ll find a list of best-selling items you can scroll, pick relevant items and promote.

Pay Attention to Non-Obvious Products and Lower-Level Niches

Since you’re getting started, you want to be as niche-specific and relevant as possible.

Pay close attention to non-obvious products. They have less competition and always provide room for growth in promoting other well-known products.

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In our patio, lawn, and gardening case, say we chose to approach the niche through the soil PH angle. That is, writing articles on Soil PH levels, drainage, etc. A good product, to begin with, would be soils like the Harris premium potting soil mix.

You can also follow the latest google trends to find evergreen products to promote. 

Decide on a Good Price Range of Goods to Promote

For the price range of items to promote, you have two options to consider

  1. Look for high-value products with a high price tag depending on your niche. Then make good money from selling a few such items.
  2. Find low-priced items that sell in large volumes to promote. Affiliate sites that get a lot of traffic utilize this strategy well. 

But don’t worry too much about the prices of the items you promote when starting. Focus more on helping your audience solve their problem and promoting relevant products that’ll help them do this.

That said, there are a few tips we recommend for selecting items to promote as a beginner:

  • Go for products your target audience can use to solve their problem smoothly – you don’t want to create more hassle for them by recommending complicated solutions. And if you go this route, provide an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to use the intricate items you promote.
  • Select products that are easy to ship, if possible.
  • Find products with high-quality reviews, even if they may be the least popular ones in a category. A few high-quality customer reviews beat several low-quality ones.

Remember, you can always change your strategy and go for the expensive items with higher commissions later when your site picks up.

What Products and Niches Should You Avoid and Why

Back in 2011, you could get into any niche and succeed. But now, things are different. There are over 900,000 affiliates on Amazon, including well-established organizations and websites like Wirecutter.

You’ll find it hard to gain visibility online and make money if you try competing with such sites. They invest millions into their product review processes, and users trust them.

Instead, create your path by finding new perspectives or angles to explore. You can get into any niche this way. We’ve discussed how to do this above.

Another strength you have as a beginner in any niche is content personalization. If you can find a way to make people connect with your brand in a personal way, you’ll almost always beat your competition.

With that in mind, there are a few niches you should be careful about when looking to start affiliate marketing:


Most authoritative sites dive deep into the home niche, reviewing all types of home equipment in several ways. 

You’ll have to do your research well to find an overlooked angle. Usually, this will include focusing on how different products work to solve a particular problem.

Check out how the site NegativeIonizers explores the home air purification topic. It’s a perfect example of how you can make money in the home niche despite being one of the most saturated niches. 

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are another relatively saturated niche. 

There are so many high-authority websites, including qualified vets and vet centers. You’ll need to be very keen to profit from this niche.

Also, pet supplies are some of the fastest-moving products on Amazon. So you’ll have to update your site constantly to remain in business.


We don’t underestimate the number of well-known cosmetics influencers on Amazon, and neither should you. They create high-quality tutorial videos on cosmetics, including makeup, and have gained a massive following. 

Their content also has high conversion rates thanks to the bond they’ve created with their audience.

Creating a regular website or blog might not be the best way to succeed in this niche.

You must be willing to put in the effort required to understand how cosmetics influencers or affiliates work. And implement their success strategies or create your own similar to theirs.

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. You can emerge as an expert in any field if you choose the right niche products and find specific problems people face in that niche. 

Then, create a suitable content and promotion strategy to help them solve their problem in the most efficient manner possible.

Establishing yourself as an expert in a subject translates into ranking high in the SERPS. This equals gaining more organic traffic, which can translate into more affiliate sales if you get your conversion rates right.

AMZ watcher is here to help you succeed. Use our Amazon affiliate link generator and our Amazon link checker to ensure you’re not missing opportunities with your product links. 


Are Prime Products More Desirable?

Some benefits of Amazon Prime include faster shipping times and ease of purchase. If we consider that Amazon’s cookie period is 24 hours, it might be a good idea to promote prime-eligible products too. 

Because prime members will take advantage of their subscriptions and complete their purchases within the required time, you can make several sales.

However, this doesn’t make prime products more desirable than others. Don’t prioritize them over offering the best value products to your audience.

What are EAT and YMYL

EAT is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness and YMYL means Your Money or Your Life.

Both are factors Google uses to determine and rate the quality of search results in terms of how well they meet users’ needs. 

EAT helps Google understand the credibility of the web page, author, and site. While YMYL helps Google evaluate web pages that have the potential to affect an individual’s happiness, financial stability, health, and safety.

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