Are you interested in learning from some of the best Amazon affiliate website examples? 

The Amazon affiliate program, known as Amazon Associates, is one of the oldest and most successful in the world. It started in 1996 when Jeff Bezos realized he could make money by allowing people to link to products on his website. 

Since then, Amazon Associates has grown exponentially. Today many top-level websites have joined the affiliate program as a way of generating revenue.

Amazon Affiliate Websites Examples (most succeful)

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate and joining the Amazon Associates program, it helps to understand what other sites are doing well and how they’re executing it. By analyzing and understanding their tactics, you can create your own recipe for success. 

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Let’s look at six top-performing Amazon affiliate websites examples to uncover what makes them great:

1. The BabyGearLab.comThe

First on our list of Amazon affiliate websites is a high-authority review site dedicated to baby products. BabyGearLab was launched by a pediatrician mom. Her goal was to share in-depth information on the latest baby products and parenting advice with new parents.

The site has enjoyed steady growth since then and now has a library of over 1,000 reviews. New parents can research everything from baby monitor reviews to activity and soothing advice in one space. 

Key Stats:The BabyGearLab.com1

data from SimilarWeb

  • Founded:  2012
  • Average post length: 2,000 to 10,000 words
  • Most searched products: best stroller
  • Annual revenue: $5M to $10M

What They Do Well:

BabyGearLab is one of the great examples of Amazon affiliate sites that acts as a hub of authoritative content. 

Importantly, the reviews are genuine. Real parents and experts purchased the products and put them through their paces before sharing key insights.  

How to Create Your Own Success Story:

Key takeaways from BabyGearLab’s success story are to publish quality content and provide value to your readers. Highly researched, first-hand product reviews with in-depth insights will help establish your site as a credible source of trusted information. 

Ultimately, you should equip your readers with the knowledge (and links) they need to make an informed purchase decision on Amazon. Find out how to write a quality review article here. 

2. is another example of an Amazon affiliate website with a seven-figure annual revenue. It was started by Carl Hamann and Derek Drew, who sold it to Dotdash in 2007 for $33 million.

Dotdash purchased the site because they wanted to improve their online businesses using ConsumerSearch’s data on buying trends and consumption habits. 

The site is now one of the top Amazon affiliate websites in consumer products, attracting a ton of traffic globally. 

When you visit, you see various product categories, including kitchen, home, garden, fitness, technology, family, pets, fitness, and beauty. 

Like many other affiliate marketing websites, you can find features such as price comparisons and product ratings that boost conversions.

Key Stats:Consumersearch.com1

data from SimilarWeb

  • Founded: 1999
  • Average post length:  1,000 to 4,000 words 
  • Most searched products:   Y8
  • Annual revenue: $2M to $5M

What They Do Well: analyzes genuine reviews from experts and product users to build a list of top purchase recommendations. 

It’s an example of an Amazon affiliate website that sorts through product information, reviews, and specs to make sense of what people like, dislike, and find useful about specific products.  

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How to Create Your Own Success Story:

If you’re not personally reviewing products to generate sales, an honest way to earn your audience’s trust is to collect insights from people who have. 

Users will appreciate a curated list of real recommendations or pain points combined with the product specs or features list.


The next Amazon affiliate example is Dogfood advisor, a family-owned website that reviews dog food. 

The site was started to help dog owners make the best decisions about which food to buy for their canine friends. 

It also has a section for dog food recalls that keeps the public informed about potentially problematic foods from which to steer away.   

Key Stats:Dogfoodadvisor.com1

data from SimilarWeb

  • Founded:  2008
  • Average post length: 1,500 words
  • Most searched products: best dog food
  • Annual revenue: $2M to $5M

What They Do Well: 

Dog Food Advisor is an Amazon affiliate site example that is highly focused on a single niche – dog food. 

They‘ve covered this extensively, reviewing everything available under different categories and price ranges. 

The site is also easy to navigate, and everything is clearly labeled. This makes it easy to tell what products will work best for your pet’s age and weight range. 

How to Create Your Own Success Story:

It’s tempting to promote a broad range of products in the hopes of driving Amazon sales and earning commissions. 

However, if you zone in on one particular niche and establish yourself as an expert, this can often produce better results. Your web visitors can see what your specialty is and come to trust your recommendations. 


ThisIsWhyImBroke is an Amazon affiliate example site that’s run by people who love finding and making content about awesome and weird products on Amazon. 

The reviews feature interesting gifts, tech gadgets, and oddities with strange purposes or functions that can be found on Amazon.

Besides constantly updating its website with product reviews, ThisIsWhyImBroke also does a lot of marketing on Facebook. They have a big following, and their interesting products make perfect social content. 

Key Stats:ThisIsWhyImBroke.com1

data from SimilarWeb

  • Founded:  2011
  • Average post length: 800 to 6,000 words
  • Most searched products: crowbar hammer
  • Annual revenue: $2M to $5M

What They Do Well: 

We rate this site among the best Amazon affiliate websites because of its exciting products. You can find a gift for just about every occasion, and products are listed under easy-to-find categories. 

They’ve also clearly done their keyword research to identify search terms people use to find cool stuff on the internet. 

How to Create Your Own Success Story:

The lesson to take from ThisIsWhyImBroke is to do your keyword research and not be afraid to think outside the box in your approach to affiliate marketing. 

It can pay to find a new and interesting angle that hasn’t been covered by anyone else and have fun while doing it.


GearPatrol provides buying guides and reviews on the latest tech for discerning consumers. Learn about things such as the latest Leica camera, Patagonia jackets, and rowing machines from the site’s content. 

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GearPatrol is styled more as an online magazine than an ordinary review website. 

They’ve also got a content studio, where they record videos and product demos to show items in action. This is useful for consumers who want to see something working in real life.  

Key Stats:GearPatrol.com1

data from SimilarWeb

  • Founded:  2007
  • Average post length: 800 to 4,000 words
  • Most searched products: best backpacks
  • Annual revenue: $10M to $15M

What They Do Well: 

As far as examples of Amazon affiliate websites go, this one goes the extra mile to provide honest and valuable product information. 

Rather than writing blog posts solely for selling products, the GearPatrol content team takes the time to photograph and record videos of products in use. 

This gives their content an extra authentic feel. Combine that with the magazine styling, and it’s a classy ‘shopping’ experience for consumers.

How to Create Your Own Success Story:

This site proves that you “get out what you put in.” 

Make an effort to set up an aesthetically pleasing affiliate site with professional-looking photos and videos. 

Work on it for years, building up its reputation and authority, and you too may start raking in revenue in the tens of millions. 


Our list of Amazon affiliate website examples wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Wirecutter. 

After the New York Times Company acquired the site, it became a giant in the industry and has since seen tremendous success.

A large editorial team ensures fresh content goes on the site daily. You can read up about everything from backpacks to clothing steamers and robot vacuums. 

Most of the buyers’ guides are relatively comprehensive, with some totaling up to 20,000 words a piece – talk about in-depth research.  

Key Stats:TheWirecutter.com1

data from SimilarWeb

  • Founded:  2011
  • Average post length: 1,000 to 20,000 words
  • Most searched products: towel
  • Annual revenue: $15M to $25M

What They Do Well:

The editorial team works hard only to recommend products worth your money. They test thousands of products yearly, putting hours into the research process. 

Besides that, they also consult professionals for input and comments on products. This way, they build up evidence to show how they selected their products so readers can make informed purchase decisions. 

From an SEO perspective, the site does really well targeting and writing ‘best of’ guides. As you can see from the Ahrefs screenshot below, they currently rank more than 16,00 keywords containing the word ‘best’ in position one on Google. TheWirecutter.com2

How to Create Your Own Success Story:

Writing ‘best of’ guides can land a lot of eyes on your content. But, you need to provide evidence that you’ve done in-depth research to justify your product selections. 

Where it makes sense to do so, reach out to unbiased experts who can lend an authoritative comment to your product research. 

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Also, it can help to browse genuine product reviews online and note what real people say about certain products. This provides authentic insight when discussing products you might not have experienced firsthand.

Case Study Highlighting Seller Success: 

Many people want to replicate the success of websites like those shown in the examples above. This is so they can build and flip their own sites for profit

If you plan on entering this business, there’s a thing or two to learn from Outdoor Mancave’s sale. 

Example of an Amazon Associates Site That Sold For 138kExample of an Amazon Associates Site That Sold For 138k was just two years old when it sold on Flippa for $138,000 in 2020. The site is in the home and garden niche, providing recommendations and reviews on products for the outdoors. 

On the site, you’ll find guides in the Fire & Heat, Outdoor Entertainment, Patio Furniture,  Patio Shade, Accessories, and Outdoor Kitchen categories. There are single product reviews as well as ‘best of’ guides.

Sounds pretty standard, right? Let’s look at what the owners did to sell their small website and fetch a pretty nice sum.

Key Stats:Example of an Amazon Associates Site That Sold For 138k1

data from SimilarWeb

  • Founded:  2018
  • Average post length: 1,000 to 6,000 words
  • Most searched products: single burner propane
  • Annual revenue: approx $58k in 2020

What They Did Well to Sell:

The owner listed the site on Flippa early in 2020 but waited to sell it. The site’s performance is seasonal, receiving the highest traffic between April and June. 

At the time of the sale, the Flippa listing had caught the eye of many interested parties. It had 251 watchers, 2,645 views, and was at the center of several active sales conversations with potential buyers. 

Helping its case greatly at the time of sale was its average monthly profit of $4.8k and monthly expenses as low as $10. Average monthly page views were sitting at 35,584, with 22,915 unique visits per month. 

Besides the above, the seller was a Flippa Super Seller. He has 100% positive sales reviews on Flippa and a total transaction value of more than $360,000. 

As part of the sales agreement, he provided the buyer with a month’s email and Skype support to help them maintain success. 

How to Create Your Own Success Story:

For many websites that experience seasonality, selling at the right time is critical. List early and give your site a chance to shine as the season draws nearer. 

It also pays to list on reputable seller sites. This approach helps earn buyers’ trust when making deals and exchanging considerable amounts of money.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Website?

An Amazon affiliate website is a website or blog that earns revenue by creating product links on its site to the Amazon store. The affiliate earns commissions when visitors view the site’s product recommendations and follow the links to purchase qualifying products from the Amazon store. 

Amazon tracks the affiliate’s sales and commissions earned through an identifying code in their website URLs.  Then, Amazon pays the affiliate a percentage of the sale price. This is usually between 1 and 10%, although it can be as high as 20%.What is an Amazon Affiliate Website

Why Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate programs globally. Recent stats show it has around 900,000 connected affiliates. As you can imagine, countless review sites have been built around the Associates’ program.

Being an Associate is a mutually beneficial relationship. Amazon provides the tools and training you need to drive traffic to the Amazon store. When you successfully do so, and your product recommendations result in a sale, you generate revenue for Amazon and earn an income for yourself.

What Can You Learn From Amazon Affiliate Site Examples?

Let’s do a quick recap of what this list of sample Amazon affiliate websites has shown us:

  • Expert recommendations lead the way. If you can show you’re an expert in your niche, you’re more likely to convert sales. 
  • Your review content should cut through the noise. The internet is saturated – your affiliate website should simplify how people find the information they need.
  • Niche down. It pays to become an expert in a field. You can always add more variety by reviewing products along the entire price spectrum
  • Keyword research gets you far. Understand how people use search engines to find products they like and harness that power in your content. 


Affiliate marketing takes persistence and patience to generate an income stream. 

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It certainly pays to look at Amazon affiliate website examples to gauge what they’ve done right and take a page from their book. This can help point you in the direction of what to do so you can make adjustments to improve your own site traffic and sales conversions. Protection Status