No matter how skilled you are, it isn’t wise to take charge of every little aspect of your authority site’s management. Trust me, time can literally mean gold when you’re in the affiliate business. Why would you spend hours on manual processes, when you can count on automation tools to get the job done?
Behind the biggest authority sites and highest-paid webmasters is an armory of the best WordPress plugins.
Today, allow me to introduce you to my best buddy for seamless integration of the Amazon Affiliate Program on my websites, the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP).

Why do I need the AAWP?

Advertising Amazon products on your blog is not as easy as it seems. Apart from creating keyword-enriched articles, there are technical tasks that can be such a nightmare if done manually. Imagine doing a periodic check for hundreds of products’ availability, discount, or pricing updates.

Lucky for you, AAWP can take a lot of that load off your back. This powerful plugin is the top choice of over 800,000 webmasters for the integration of Amazon listings into authority sites. It can automatically update all of your embedded products, making this tool a great time saver!

All its features (e.g. text links, product boxes, bestseller and new releases lists, data fields, etc.) can be personalized based on your design preferences. Whether you want to play around with their default styles or create your own, you can definitely count AAWP’s designer tool.

How can AAWP help me boost my income?

Even if you have spotless articles, you can’t expect to earn commissions without strategically embedding Amazon listings on your website. Boring text links will be easy to miss, while manually coding product displays require technical skills most of us webmasters don’t have. With just a few adjustments in its set up wizard, AAWP can do most of the work for you.

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AAWP guarantees increased click-through rates and revenues even for beginners. Great content and appealing display of products can be the perfect push you need for your affiliate marketing business’ growth.

What are the features of AAWP?

Curious about how AAWP made the lives of webmasters’ lives easier? Check out its basic features:

  • Text links – allows you to embed product links on your articles, and overwrite product names manually
  • Product boxes – creates visually appealing product boxes for display on your page, complete with important details including title, description, and prices
  • Data fields – enjoy the freedom to place individual product information anywhere on your pages without messing up your website’s template

That’s not even the best part. AAWP can potentially improve your click-through rates with the following display techniques:

  • Bestseller Lists – to give your viewers an extra push down the purchase funnel, let the market’s favorite products speak for themselves. AAWP can generate bestseller lists for your chosen keywords, allowing you to customize the number of listings you want to display.
  • Comparison Tables – your highly analytical buyers will love this function. With AAWP, you can display Amazon products within a reader-friendly comparison table. Simply add your desired listings’ ASIN, customize the fields with your desired criteria, then embed the shortcode of your quick buying guide to your page. You can even highlight it with markers such as “Price Tip” or “Test Winner.

What are the advantages of AAWP?

The AAWP plugin has a wide range of functions that made over 800,000 users trust it for years. Take a look at these advantages that you can enjoy too:

  • Automatic embedding of products on your page
  • Automatic updates for product information
  • Easy integration of products, no need for advanced technical skills
  • Integrated cache, won’t screw up your loading time
  • Wide options for designs templates, and supports customization of own styles
  • Increased click-through rates for your authority site
  • Fast customer service support

Its German developers stand by the quality and performance of their plugin. If you aren’t satisfied with AAWP’s work for your website, they even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

How much will AAWP cost me?

The AAWP plugin is currently available in four different annual pricing models, depending on the number of authority sites you want to optimize:

  • Personal (~42 USD) – supports one website with all core features
  • Plus (~107 USD) – supports three websites
  • Pro (~215 USD) – supports 10 websites
  • Ultimate (~323  USD) – supports 25 websites

According to AAWP’s developers, the Plus package seems to be the top choice among their subscribers.

The bottom line

If you want to skip the hassle of manual processes and comply with the limitations imposed by the Amazon Affiliate Program without sacrificing visual appeal, AAWP is a worthwhile investment. Dependable features. Wide design possibilities. Even beginners can now create professional-looking pages to jumpstart their authority sites’ revenue.

What do you think of the AAWP? Do you also agree that it’s the best plugin available for Amazon affiliates? Protection Status