Analytical buyers love great content, but there’s another thing they surely can’t turn down – discounts! In comparing products, consumers often check the value they’ll get against pricing differences. When choosing becomes pretty hard, your discount and coupon codes can be that last push they need to click that buy now button.
Similar to strategic product placements, it’s best to design attention-grabbing and visually appealing coupons for higher click-through and conversion rates.
In this guide, let me introduce you to my personal favorite among affiliate discount plugins in the market – the WordPress Affiliate Coupons.

Why do I need the WP Affiliate Coupons plugin?

This plugin is a practical solution for webmasters who want to boost their affiliate marketing campaigns by offering discounts. WP Affiliate Coupons is compatible with any WordPress theme, so you don’t have to worry about its widgets sabotaging your niche site. I also love how its developers optimized the tool for both personal computers and mobile devices.

Got little to no design and coding skills? That won’t be a problem. The WP Affiliate Coupons have a lot of appealing templates you can choose from which you can easily embed to your authority site via shortcodes. By using its widgets, you can get click-through and conversion rates compared to when you were dependent on barely visible, boring text links.

For easy navigation, the plugin also allows users to filter coupons by numbers or letters.

What are the features of WP Affiliate Coupons, and how can it help me?

The WP Affiliate Coupons plugin is packed with simple but convenient features, and among my favorites are:

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  • Vendor settings – Before you design individual discount offers, the plugin will prompt you to set up its vendor’s details. This will make it easier to design your affiliate coupons later. Instead of manually replacing logos, URLs, and descriptions, selecting the appropriate provider will automatically customize the coupon you’re working on. To set this up, simply go to the “Vendor” settings, input required details, and upload a logo by clicking the button “add media.”
  • Add coupons function – The design process will start once you select a vendor, which will automatically input your partner store’s data (e.g. URL, logo, description, etc.) into the coupon. If needed, the plugin still lets you overwrite these imported details. You then have to define the rate granted in the Discount Code row, and adjust the Validity settings in case you’re offering a time-limited voucher. To top it off, you can also place visually appealing markers in your coupon with the “Recommended” and “Highlight” options.
  • Categorization Options – To manage your vouchers better, the WP Affiliate Coupons plugin lets you assign a keyword or a category for each one you issue. This can include markers like audio, course, book, and other similar terms which will be printed on the final widget.

Embedding the coupons will be as easy as designing them. WP Affiliate Coupons will provide you shortcodes that are accessible in the plugin’s quick start, its settings, and the coupons overview.

If you want more than these basic features, you might want to consider upgrading to its Pro version. Check out these new functions that are up for grabs with minimal fees:

  • Statistics – You can easily track the performance of each coupon, including how often it was clicked and the number of copies your website issued. It also allows you to evaluate the time-limited bargain events of your affiliates. This monitoring feature is designed to be compliant with data protection policies, so you don’t have to worry about legal consequences.
  • Coupon detail pagesĀ – To give your administrators and readers an elaborated view of your coupons, the Pro version allows you to create subpages for individual vouchers.
  • Additional templates and styles – While the basic version offers the most standard templates, your subscription fee grants you the option to display coupons through grids, lists, or widgets. Each template will also come in a light or dark setting that can better complement your authority site’s theme.
  • Click to Reveal function – To avoid distracting your readers and affecting your loading speed, you can enable the click to reveal function for your vouchers. Your coupon codes will be hidden at first, and will only be displayed once a user clicks the “show code” button.

How much will WP Affiliate Coupons cost me?

As discussed earlier, the WP Affiliate Coupons plugin offers a free and pro version. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get in each option:

  • Free version: Enables you to create vendors and predefine their affiliate links; easy linkage of each coupon to its appropriate vendor; allows you to display coupons conveniently with shortcodes; multiple filtering options for coupon presentation; builtin configuration page for customizations; support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP); access to standard templates and widgets
  • Pro version: In addition to the features of the free version, it lets you view, click, and copy statistics; offers the click to reveal function; enables event tracking through Google and Piwik; supports the creation of coupon detail pages; grants you access to additional templates, styles, and widgets

The pro version of the WP Affiliate Coupons plugin is available in three different annual licenses – personal (39 USD, 1 site supported), plus (99 USD, 3 sites supported), and pro (199 USD, 10 sites supported). They simply differ on the number of assisted websites, and each one grants you access to its full range of features and a year of expert support.

In case you’re not satisfied with your subscription, the developers even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Suitable for beginners and advanced webmasters alike, the WP Affiliate Coupons plugin offers convenient methods to integrate discount vouchers and bargain events on your niche site. Highly customizable. Optimized Display. Its minimalist design will not affect other elements on your page! Even better, it has functions that are data protection compliant and loading speed-friendly.

Were you also impressed by the WP Affiliate Coupons plugin? Share with us your thoughts by leaving a comment! Protection Status