As my company grew, I found less and less time to produce content for my website. One client meeting after the other. Reports generation and analysis. My daily routine became denser each passing day. With the eagerness to expand my knowledge and skills beyond writing, I made the decision to outsource instead.

I have tried a couple of content providers, but one platform stood out: Textbroker. In this guide, allow me to break outsourcing myths and give you insider tips for getting great content from its freelance writers.

1. Wait, I thought Textbroker only delivers junk content?

Let’s clear this up pronto. This is a lie that has prevented a lot of webmasters from making the most out of Textbroker.
I just hate some people who consider copywriters as nothing but money-hungry pigs. Basically, they have this prejudice that Texbroker and its partner authors are just abusing the world’s high demand for content. If you think that these contractors have no regard for quality and professionalism at all, you are terribly mistaken.
In my experience with Textbroker, I even met a lot of writers who are more knowledgeable than me on certain topics. Some authors may be new to my niche but have superb research skills to compensate for that. I usually just give a few guidelines on what I expect to see as a final output, and I leave the rest to their creative juices.
If you get junk articles from Textbroker, you’re likely to blame too. You probably did a terrible job in briefing your new hire, or was very vague with what you need when you published a job request. Mind reading isn’t in the job description of writers, and it’s unfair to blame them for your fault.

2. How can I get top-notch content from Texbroker?

To get you started, let’s walk you through the steps I follow whenever I need new content:

  • Step 1. Identify what you need. List down the topics you want to get done, along with the technical attributes you desire for each article (e.g. word count, tone of voice, format, etc.).
  • Step 2. Use Textbroker’s search function. When you enter the topic you desire, you’ll be directed to a list of authors with experience writing in that niche.
  • Step 3. Check out author profiles. Let’s assume that you need a blog article about turtles. If you want to find experts in the field, be on the lookout for veterinarians or zoo-keepers. But if you’re on a tight budget, an entry-level author with adequate research skills can also get the job done.
  • Step 4. Reach out to your desired author. Give him a document where all your needs and expectations are discussed in detail. My go-to screening test is to ask them for a game plan on how to best complete the project. When things work out, set up a contract and be sure to assist the writer whenever needed.

2. How can I cultivate long-term partnerships with authors?

Though I’ve been buying articles from Textbroker for over four years now, I haven’t hopped wildly from one author to the next. I prefer maintaining long contracts. In fact, I have authors turned friends who have been writing for me for years.

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My secret behind these solid partnerships? Communication.

You wouldn’t want to be just a slave driver. Know that your authors are smart individuals capable of listening and improving. Whenever something bothers me about a submitted output (e.g. style, vocabulary, formatting, etc.) I don’t rabidly lash out. I professionally talk to the writer, helping him understand what I want and how to do it. Trust me, constant conversations are the building blocks for stable partnerships.

Whenever I find stellar authors, I ask them for feedback on how I was as an employer and if they’d be willing to work on my other projects too. This way, I save myself time for searching and screening a bunch of new authors. Over time, this tactic allowed me to put together a superb pool of talented writers.

Each time I get a mental block, my hired authors could be heaven-sent too. Their expertise and experience can be a great goldmine for interesting topics. This way, you also give writers a good time by letting them work on topics that they’re passionate about.

3. How should I brief the authors I hired?

I consider briefings as the foundation for successful writing contracts. To make sure you get valuable content, check out my go-to template for onboarding new authors:

  • Introduce yourself and the website where their content will be published. Give them insights on your company profile, audience behavior, and branding strategies.
  • Be as detailed as possible when giving writing guidelines. Among many, you could discuss expected topics for each subheading, keyword integration, writing style, and research protocols.
  • Make them aware of any regulations or policy your website’s content have to be compliant with (e.g. data protection, affiliate program terms and conditions, etc.)
Without a proper briefing procedure, you put content quality at risk. Authors would also have a hard time blindly guessing what they should do to make you satisfied.

Have you ever outsourced content writing? Share your hiring routine and experiences with us! Protection Status