When it comes to building authority sites, time is money. The more time you spend on repetitive tasks, the less time you have to create content.

In the Amazon Affiliate world, plugins like AAWP are a huge help. They speed up and simplify how you display Amazon products on your site. Product boxes have a high click through rate and convert readers into buyers very effectively. There’s a reason why over 800,000 sites use AAWP!

However, there’s a big problem with AAWP that no one is talking about…you must manually insert the ASIN into each and every product box you build.

That is, until AMZ Table Assistant came around.


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What is AMZ Table Assistant?

AMZ Table Assistant is a Google Chrome plugin that displays “shortcode buttons” next to each Amazon product. These buttons, once clicked, automatically insert the ASIN of whatever product you’re looking at into the shortcode you clicked.

Here’s what the “shortcode buttons” look like:

All the buttons you see above are the ones we created for you. However, you aren’t limited to just the ones we created – you can also create your own!

And don’t worry – you can delete any of the buttons you don’t need. And if there’s any buttons you seldom use but don’t necessarily want to delete, you can simply hide them in your settings.

Creating AAWP Product Boxes without AMZ Table Assistant

Let’s pretend you’re in the camping niche and are reviewing 7 best tents. Normally, you’d:

  1. Type the shortcode template (the shortcode without the ASIN) into WordPress first.
  2. Then, you’d go to Amazon and search for the product. After that, you’d have to copy the ASIN from the URL or product description.
  3. And finally – you’d switch tabs, go back to WordPress, and paste the ASIN into the shortcode template.

Oh, and since you’re reviewing 7 tents, you’ll have to perform those steps 6 more times!

Remember earlier when I said time is money?

The amount of time it takes to manually create 7 product boxes is time better spent elsewhere.

Creating AAWP Shortcodes with AMZTA

Let’s go back to the tent example.

To create a product box after AMZ Table Assistant is installed, simply:

  1. Click the AAWP Box button and paste into WordPress.

That’s it! No more manually formatting shortcode, no more searching for the ASIN, and no more trying to remember what the shortcode even is.

Same thing goes for images – if you want just the product image – you can click the AAWP Image Large button to copy the perfectly formatted AAWP shortcode for an image.

How It Works

AMZTA works by overlaying those shortcode buttons directly on Amazon.com.

In the code, we programmed a variable called |ASIN Value|. As long as that variable is added the shortcode button somewhere – it will pull in that product’s ASIN.

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This is great – because the only thing that changes when creating product boxes is the ASIN.

Wherever you place |ASIN Value| in your shortcode button is where the ASIN will go.

What are the features of AMZ Table Assistant?

Before I go over some of the features, I wanted to point out there is both a FREE and PRO version. The free version is completely free, no license key or email required.

You can upgrade to the Pro version for a one-time cost at any time.

Free Version Features

Copy Asin Button (free version)

The Copy ASIN button grabs the ASIN of whatever product you’re researching. This means you won’t need to find it in the URL or product description.

This feature is incredibly useful for all Amazon sellers, not just those in the Amazon Associates program. The ASIN is used for Amazon FBA, Merch by Amazon, Kindle
Direct Publishing (KDP) and just about any Amazon-related software tool.

Surprisingly, this is the only extension on the market that grabs just the ASIN of the product you’re researching.

All the rest grab ASINs in bulk which isn’t useful when you’re writing product reviews.

Copy URL & Append Affiliate ID (free version)

Similar to AMZ Watcher’s Amazon Affiliate Link Generator tool, we made it super easy to add your affiliate tag to the end of a URL with our Copy & Append button. You can either enter your affiliate tag in the settings, or if you click the button and haven’t already inputted a tag, a box will pop up reminding you enter one.

Directly from Amazon.com, you can copy the URL and append your tag to the end. No more needing to use Sitestripe or editing each link.

In one click, you or your writers can copy text links with your affiliate ID.

This has two major benefits:

  1. It allows writers to build links for you as they write. Just have them download the free extension and input your tag.
  2. It allows you to quickly add alternate tags for A/B testing.

Pro Version Features

The Pro version is geared towards AAWP, Amalinks Pro, or AzonPress users.

Automatically insert ASIN into Shortcodes

If you’re looking for a quicker way to insert ASINs into your shortcodes, you’ll want to upgrade to the Pro version.

We’ve created a bunch of commonly used buttons for you so there’s no configuration or learning curve needed.

Just apply the license and the buttons automatically show up on Amazon.com.

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Create Custom Shortcode Buttons

After activating, you’ll see all the default buttons we created for you. Another feature we added is the ability to create your own shortcode buttons.

AAWP is very complex and has a lot of shortcode modifers or fields you can use – things like nofollow, dark theme, new window, etc. Rather than create buttons for every possible use case, we created a way for you to create your own buttons.

Just click the extension options and paste in the shortcode with any modifers you’d like to use. The button you create will instantly appear on Amazon.com after it’s created.

Add Multiple Products to Lists & Grid Templates

When writing affiliate articles, a common tactic is to display product boxes “above the fold” or will include a “In a Hurry? Click our Top 3 Tents” section just under the intro paragraph. These are great for readers who don’t want to read the entire article.

AAWP users use Lists and Grids for these.

The problem with multi-product lists and grids is that you need to go back and forth to get each ASIN and then paste it into WordPress.

With AMZ Table Assistant, you can simply click the Append to List option. Add as many ASINs as you want.

You can even add your top products from an Amazon search page to speed things up even more.

All of the ASINs you added show up in the Lists & Grids tab of the extension.

From there, you can either one of the default templates we’ve created (Copy all ASINs or Copy List (Custom Title) or create your own List or Grid template.

Adding Custom Titles to Display Boxes

AAWP also allows you to override the Amazon product title, so we built in a variable to simplify that process even more.

If you add |Custom Title| somewhere in your shortcode, a popup message will ask you to enter a title.

When would you use custom titles?

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Some Amazon products have extremely long product titles. The longer the title, the bigger your product boxes will be.

Creating a custom title like “Best Tent For Teenagers” can be a great way to get more affiliate link clicks. It’s short, sweet, and gets the readers the info they want right away.

And here’s what it looks like once the shortcode is pasted into WordPress:

Import and Export Custom Templates

In the extension options, you can import/export any buttons you’ve created.

If you have writers, then this is a pretty useful feature. You can create the buttons exactly as you want them and export them for your writers.

This makes onboarding new writers a breeze because you don’t need to show them how to format an AAWP box or where to find the ASIN.

Automate the Repetitive Tasks

Throughout my 8 years in the corporate IT world, I’ve found that automation is much more efficient way to get things done. Anything that can be automated, should be automated. Not only does it speed things up, but it guarantees things are done right every time.

This especially rings true for Amazon Affiliate writers. Writing a quality post can be very consuming. If you can find a way to automate the small, repetitive tasks, you absolutely should.

You might be thinking “It’s not THAT hard to create AAWP product boxes…”. And you’re right. At the end of the day, there is a lot more to creating articles than just product boxes.

But, when you’re end goal is streamlining business processes, using a tool like AMZ Table Assistant is the best chrome extension for Amazon Affiliates and is a great tool to add to your arsenal.


AMZ Table Assistant does 1 thing and does it well: It simplifies building Amazon Affiliate links, product boxes and tables.

Whether you are using the free or pro version, it can be a great time saving tool for writers or site owners alike.

Because it’s a universal extension and doesn’t require the API to use, if you ever change from AAWP to AmaLinks Pro – you can continue using the extension.

It’s also a simple 1-time cost, so you don’t need to worry about another monthly subscription.

If you aren’t using AMZ Table Assistant, get started for free here!

What do you think of AMZ Table Assistant? Do you agree that it’s the best amazon affiliate chrome extension?

This is a guest post by Danny Brooks. Danny is the creator of AMZ Table Assistant. He’s an IT Manager by day and an Amazon Affiliate marketer by night. He’s been an Amazon seller for the last 7 years and enjoys building websites and tools for other Amazon sellers.
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